The Operations Console

From your desk PC you can virtually be in 100 different places around the world
when you need to be with the click of a mouse!

You are able to see, watch video, receive reports, track, communicate and support all of your staff & subcontractors
using our Operations Console.

Work Alone feature

Shift Tracking Reports



Live-Streams & Live Broadcasts

Live Tracking

App Features

Send Report

Create Report through voice text


Save your notes and Send your report anywhere instantly

Shift Tracker

Track your location, time, and activity.

Work Alone

Send Alerts and Dispatch a fellow
worker to aid help.

Live Tactical Map

Recieve data constantly and
share data with others.

Live Broadcasting

Share your view with others with 1 push of the button and it's auto recorded.

Support your Team, Protect your Team, Control your costs,

Stay easily informed and cost effectively.